Shortly Donovan Construction (South West) Ltd will be marking twenty-five years since its formation.

Over the past quarter of a century we have worked tirelessly to develop professional relationships with both our clients and their representatives in a spirit of trust and respect.  We are now highly regarded in the Bath area for the quality of work we produce, the manner in which we conduct our business and our ability to deliver value for money.

In the beautiful and historic city of Bath there is a specific focus on delivering quality construction solutions and exacting building standards.  Donovan Construction has an illustrious portfolio of work ranging from Listed Building conversions and Eco home construction to the most traditional of building forms in and around the Bath area.

To celebrate this milestone, we are holding an anniversary dinner at Bailbrook House Hotel next month, welcoming esteemed guests including past and present clients, professional architects and engineers and valued company employees to thank them all for their patronage over the years.