COVID-19 Update – January 2022

In accordance with the latest Government Guidelines and the move to Plan B, please note the following updated information regarding the workplace and Covid-19.

  1. What has changed?
  2. If you have a Positive LFD or PCR?
  3. Symptoms
  4. Isolation Period
  5. If you live in the same Household as someone who has tested positive for Covid-19?
  6. Advice on Face Coverings
  7. What is expected of you whilst at site?
  1. What has changed?

The advice for people who have a positive lateral flow device (LFD) test result has changed. They are no longer required to have a follow-up polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test, and they should stay at home and self-isolate immediately.

People who have a positive LFD test result should only have a follow-up PCR test if:

  • they wish to claim the Test and Trace Support Payment
  • they have a health condition that means they may be suitable for new coronavirus (COVID-19) treatments
  • they are taking LFD tests as part of research or surveillance programmes, and the programme asks them to do so
  • they have a positive day 2 LFD test after arriving in England


  1. If you have a Positive LFD or PCR?

If you develop any of the main symptoms (see section 3) of COVID-19, stay at home and self-isolate immediately.

If you have a positive LFD or PCR test result but do not have any of the main symptoms of COVID-19, stay at home and self-isolate as soon as you receive the results. You should do this even if you have received one or more doses of COVID-19 vaccine.

You do not need to take a PCR test if you have already taken an LFD test and the result was positive.

LFD test kits are free to order and can be delivered directly to your home Rapid lateral flow coronavirus (COVID-19) tests – NHS (

  1. Symptoms

The main symptoms of COVID-19 are recent onset of any of the following:

  • a new continuous cough
  • a high temperature
  • a loss of, or change in, your normal sense of taste or smell (anosmia)

There are several other symptoms linked with COVID-19. These symptoms may have another cause and are not on their own a reason to have a COVID-19 PCR test. If you are concerned about your symptoms, seek medical advice.

If you have received one or more doses of COVID-19 vaccine and have any of the main symptoms of COVID-19 or have received a positive LFD or PCR test result, you should still follow this guidance. This is because it is still possible to get COVID-19 and spread it to others, even if you are vaccinated.

  1. Isolation Period

 Your self-isolation period starts immediately from when your symptoms started, or, if you do not have any symptoms, from when your positive LFD or PCR test was taken, whichever test was taken first. Your self-isolation period includes the day your symptoms started (or the day your test was taken if you do not have symptoms), and the next 10 full days. It may be possible to end your self-isolation earlier.

You can return to your normal routine and stop self-isolating after 10 full days if your symptoms have gone, or if the only symptoms you have are a cough or anosmia, which can last for several weeks. If you still have a high temperature after 10 days or are otherwise unwell, stay at home and seek medical advice.

You may be able to end your self-isolation period before the end of the 10 full days. You can stop self-isolating at the start of day 6 if you get 2 negative rapid lateral flow test results on days 5 and 6 and do not have a temperature. Tests must be at least 24 hours apart. If either test is positive, wait 24 hours before testing again.

  1. If you live in the same Household as someone who has tested positive for Covid-19?

If you do not have symptoms of COVID-19 and live in the same household as someone with COVID-19, you are legally required to self-isolate unless you meet any of the following conditions:

  • you are fully vaccinated – fully vaccinated means you have had 2 doses of an approved vaccine such as Pfizer BioNTech, AstraZeneca or Spikevax (formerly Moderna); you are also fully vaccinated if you have had one dose of the single-dose Janssen vaccine
  • you are aged under 18 years
  • you have taken part in or are currently part of an approved COVID-19 vaccine trial
  • you are not able to get vaccinated for medical reasons
  1. Advice on Face Coverings

Construction Leadership Council (CLC) Position:

Where workers on site are not required to wear Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) and their workplace is crowded and enclosed (which may include welfare and changing facilities, site offices, site meeting rooms or site transport) and they come into contact with others they do not normally meet, their employer should make face coverings available and they should be worn.

The-Use-of-Face-Coverings-in-Construction-during-Coronavirus-Version-5.pdf (

  1. What is expected of you whilst on site?

When on site we expect for touch points in communal areas (for example the canteen and site office) to be wiped down after use by the individual who has just used them. Sanitising wipes will be made available for this.

Wipes, hand sanitiser and masks will be available on site at all times.  Please request the site manager to re-order if you notice supplies are running low.

Where possible still allow for social distancing.


For any concerns or questions you may have please email


For further advice please see the Government website:

Stay at home: guidance for households with possible or confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) infection – GOV.UK (